Objectives and assumptions of PADS

Social Data archive has been operating on the basis of an agreement of a joint research program within the archiving of social data, signed between University of Warsaw and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences, on December 8th, 2003.

The main objectives of the research program are:

  1. co-operation at formulating the strategy for “archiving of social data” program
  2. purchasing, developing, registering and passing the access to the data and documentation serving the education and the social research
  3. preparing educational programs in this field
  4. co-operation aimed at collecting the means to execute the objectives mentioned above

The research program is conducted within the activities of Center for Sociological Research of ISS UW. Within the program, Center for Sociological Research described standards of preparing the data sets and documentation as well as in co-operation with IFIS PAN, they prepared regulations regarding data deposit and operating of the Archive.

The Archive activities will be financed by three sources. Firstly, they will be financed with the means accorded by Scientific Research Committee, the European Union funds and other subventions, grants and donations. Secondly, the institutions that will show the access to join the program will constantly aid the program with financial means. They will be obliged to pay an established fee allowing to provide the continuity of the conducted work. This fee will enable our co-operators to access all the materials collected in PADS for free. Thirdly, the following services rendered by PADS employees will be the source of income :

  • preparing of data sets for the archiving
  • trainings on:
    • Archives service,
    • Passing the data for archiving,
    • Standardizing of the data-sets,
    • Ways of using and analyses of data sets (set structure and analyses formula)
    • Methodology in data analysis
    • Preparing data for archiving
  • As well as execution of the analyses commissioned, making use of the already acquired data.

The co-operation at the research program in the field of data archiving will be possible after having signed a separate agreement specifying the co-operation conditions between ISS UW conducting the program and the unit interested in setting up the co-operation.

Irrespective of setting up the constant co-operation, PADS encourages everybody to learn and implement the standards prepared for the Archive needs and accessible to all the interested for free, via PADS website. These standards respond to the convention of data preparation in all best social data registration centers all over the world and they are the result of the research for the optimal solutions for preparation and rendering the access to the data.