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Archiving of research data is not a new issue. Researchers have been aware of the need to establish such an institution for a long time. Depositing and providing the access to the database allows for the openness of the research workshop, which contributes to standardization of the research procedures and enriching the knowledge on social… Read More »

CESSDA Data Day 2021

CESSDA stands for Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives of which the Polish Social Data Archive (PADS) is applying for membership. The project “Repositories of Open Research Data” (DRODB) implemented by Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling UW (ICM) together with The Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Studies UW (ISS) and Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN (IFiS) since 2018 is an excellent opportunity… Read More »


The new system for Archive is already working.